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The evaluation criteria and procedure are virtually the same as well.

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If the graders disagree, your essay will be sent to a third (human) grader.

Not writing your essay in the proper format for the E-rater could lead to a lower score. The essay topics are available for you to review beforehand.

Below, you can find a more detailed description of the analytical writing sections in both exams and a few tips for writing good essays.

The GMAT essay, officially known as Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA), measures your ability to think critically and communicate your thoughts.

But if it’s less than 4.0, then it could be a cause of concern, more so in cases where your application lacks other instances of strong communication skills.

NYU Stern, for example, has additional requirement if your AWA score is below 4.0: Remember top schools receive 4-10 times more applications than the number of admissions they offer, so you don’t want to give them a conspicuous reason for weeding your application out.

If you haven’t exercised your writing muscles for a while, it is a good idea to put in some practice.

Scoring well on the AWA is not an esoteric art, you just need to keep few basic things in mind.

According to this table, you start entering the red zone when your AWA score dips below 4.0. work – either excessively edited or completely written by someone else.

You start wondering, “How is 3.5 going to affect my odds of getting admission? ” Before answering these questions, first let’s see what GMAC, the organization that owns and conducts GMAT, says on assessment of AWA score.


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