Essay Lesson Before Dying

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For grant to be able to do this, grant undergoes a series of psychological changes and becomes a hero in his own right.

By Grant teaching Jefferson to die with dignity and by Jefferson learning how to die with dignity they both initiate a change in the community by refusing to fulfill the expected expectations placed upon them by a racist white society.

He is at his best in his nuanced observation of the ironies and intricacies of negotiation between races and between generations.

Readers who have waited ten years for a new novel by Gaines will find in A LESSON BEFORE DYING further confirmation of his assured, self-effacing, spiritually generous art. “A Lesson About Manhood: Appropriating 27 (Spring, 1995): 74-78.

He was, in their opinion, too smart; he did not know his place.

When Grant met with Sheriff Guidry at Pichot’s house, he was rudely forced to wait for hours in the kitchen and was spoken to condescendingly by Sheriff Guidry.

Auger explores the issues of dignity and self-worth in Gaines’s novel, focusing on the problems black men face when attempting to define their manhood.

His discussion also includes an examination of Gaines’s other works that deal with the same theme. is about being a man in the face of adversity and about the morality of connectedness, of each individual’s responsibility to his community. “Convincing Moral Tale of Southern Injustice.” , August 8, 1993, p. An enthusiastic review that helps illuminate the racial lines and tensions among the book’s black, white, and Creole characters. “An A-Plus in Humanity.” , giving a short plot synopsis.

After Grant had finished college and returned to the plantation as the new schoolmaster, Antoine offered him a final piece of advice, “Just do the best you can. From the courthouse to the schoolhouse stereotyping and discrimination based on simple differences in human biological variation existed, but it did not end there.

Not only was Grant forced to endure harsh treatment from his teacher; the white community especially hated him because he was educated.


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