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The movie being shot has no story, which makes the high- strung Italian investors uneasy, but Jerzy keeps explaining that he can't write a story until he has lived it, and Jerzy's living a story is what '' Passion'' is all about.

The story he lives is not '' Gone With the Wind.'' It's largely a series of comic misunderstandings and arguments involving a pretty little, outspoken factory worker named Isabelle (Miss Huppert), Hanna (Miss Schygulla), who owns the motel where the film company is staying, and with whom Jerzy has an affair, and Michel (Mr.

His style of meeting the student’s needs and demanding 100% participation in his program were a bit too much for many to agree with.

He went these kids’ homes, had them in his home and became involved on a personal level.

Says Jerzy, with impatience about an actress brought in for his consideration, '' She's too pretty for Delacroix.'' The total confusion on a movie set is detailed with deadpan, slapstick humor as the director works solemnly around nude women, horses, carpenters, bookkeepers and bored stagehands.

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In one quintessentially Godardian sequence, Miss Schygulla, whom Jerzy apparently wants to play in the film-within, sits talking to the director as she watches - with embarrassment but increasing fascination - her own image struggling to lip-sync an operatic aria on a video monitor.'' Passion'' looks beautiful - effortlessly so - and its images remain in the memory long after one has ceased to worry about the shape or the conventional sense of the movie.It is questionable as to whether or not his methods would work in most communities.If I started going into my student’s homes and demanding that they stay after school, come in early, and follow my program without question I would probably be fired in today’s educational systems.His successes and hardships were dramatized through the use of this film.During the 1980s, Escalante, a role model for many of us that were in education...It's not easy to make a film without a story, nor is it easy to respond to such a film with a few, well-chosen, definitive phrases. State of the World PASSION, directed by Jean-Luc Godard; screenplay (French with English subtitles) by Mr.I suspect that '' Passion'' may well be the sort of film that, in the future, will make up a small but solid portion of video-cassette sales. Godard; director of photography, Raoul Coutard; music by Mozart, Ravel, Dvorak, Beethoven and Faure; produced by Alain Sarde; a French/ Swiss Co-Production; Sara Film/Sonimage/ Films A2 (Paris) Film & Video Productions (Switzerland); a United Artists Classics Release. WITH: Isabelle Huppert, Hanna Schygulla, Michel Piccoli, Jerzy Radiwilowicz, Laszlo Szabo, Sophie Lucachevski, Patrick Bonnel, Myriem Russel, Magaly Campos, J. During the 1980s, Escalante, a role model for many of us that were in education classes at that time, took a group of low functioning unsuccessful students and taught them calculus.He was at a poor public school that received none of the funding or benefits of the richer private schools; yet, he successfully taught and had many of his students pass the AP Calculus test. Escalante Should Be An Inspiration to Everyone In the movie Stand and Deliver, double entendre ran rampant.During an Algebra lesson one day at the beginning of the school year, Mr.


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