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Other scholars extended Rossiter’s pioneering research. In The Lost World of Thomas Jeffersonand The Genius of American Politics, Daniel Boorstin laid emphasis upon the non European, native and popular nature of the American revolutionary tradition.

In 1960, English historian Caroline Robbins published her essential treatise, entitled The Eighteenth-Century Commonwealthman.

Historians in the early twentieth century tended to view the American Revolution within a narrow socio-economic framework.

Questions of taxation, trade, and conflicts of interest between British authorities and the rising American gentry predominated.

When these historians considered the intellectual roots of the American revolt against the British, their views fell into two categories.

Some writers, like George Otto Trevelyan, Charles Mc Lean Andrews, Moses Coit Tyler, and Samuel Eliot Morrison, viewed the colonists’ insistence on representation and individual liberties as a revival of the seventeenth-century, English liberal tradition. Franklin Jameson, Vernon Louis Parrington, Carl Becker, Gilbert Chinard, and Adrienne Koch, stressed the radical nature of the American experiment—its republican character and its roots in rationalism and the French Enlightenment.

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Petersburg, Philadelphia, Stockholm, London, Geneva, Vienna, and Williamsburg.

Nonetheless, Palmer asserts that the American experiment was a radical creation, since it established the first national government based on seventeenth-century principles of the people as original and supreme sovereign. Trevor Colbourn (The Lamp of Experience: Whig History and the Intellectual Origins of the American Revolution), Richard M.


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