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This period coincided roughly with the turn of the 21st Century, and one of its lasting legacies is the Cartoon Network animated series “Courage the Cowardly Dog,” a show about a pink dog named Courage who lives in the middle of nowhere and routinely becomes entangled with monsters and aliens.Though I rarely remember having nightmares as a kid, “Courage the Cowardly Dog” alone is responsible for a sizable majority of those I did have.Instead, he endures Eustace’s constant verbal abuse, as well as an onslaught of supernatural creatures that won’t leave him alone.

(Yes, this show was supposedly for kids.)The showrunners probably had a good laugh when they came up with the idea of calling their protagonist Courage, a name meant to be ironic, because the anthropomorphic dog’s defining trait was cowardice.

Imagine Courage kind of like Scooby-Doo, only he isn’t surrounded by a bunch of college kids who fawn over him and he never gets any credit for his hard work. But let’s just establish that Courage never gorged himself on self-branded dog treats.

In most entertainment meant for kids, you know that the hero will overcome all obstacles, evil will be vanquished and things will go back to how they should be.

When watching Courage, on the other hand, I would get an overwhelming premonition that the worst might actually happen. In an especially jarring episode, a villain turns Eustace and Muriel into inanimate puppets, and Courage is forced to cope by moving the strings and ventriloquizing what he remembers of their personalities.

It is difficult to understate how weird this show actually was.

In one episode, a tribe of bullfrogs invades Courage’s home and forces his adopted family to dig ponds and croak.Some anime shows really make you think with the brilliant psychological themes.Then there are the other genres to consider as well as they can really help the emotional state of people as some shows in the slice of life and comedy genres can really make people a bit happier after they had a bad day. The show’s villains concocted elaborate plots, backed with abundant resources and driven by compelling motives.Courage was just a scared dog, the exact opposite personality-wise of most typical children’s TV protagonists, who inspire confidence and remain composed while facing danger.As far as talking animals go, he was pretty relatable. If you look deeper, though, Courage’s backstory is actually pretty tragic.He was orphaned as a pup, only to be adopted by Muriel, a warm old Scottish woman that lives with her husband Eustace in a small house somewhere so remote that roads don’t even stretch there.All the Disney Junior shows are usually good for younger kids to teach them good habits and give them a ‘pure mindset’ and teach them what’s wrong and right at an early stage.But it can normally be enjoyed by older people to either pass time of just to watch something lighthearted All similar cartoons that have no continuous connection between the plot of the episodes are mostly made for a younger audience but again can be enjoyed by others for various reasons Advantages may be the fact that different shows can teach either life morals or educational information or both I don’t think there are any disadvantages to watching as it is a perfect combo of learning and fun Now there is the Nickelodeon cartoons like for example TMNT ( teenage mutant ninja turtles ) which isn’t in the educational field but is mainly for entertainment.Anime ranges from any genre ever created and has both shows with detailed, excited and mature complicated topics to slice of life lighthearted entertainment to help you escape into another world and make you double over with laughter.Anime is highly entertaining and is both appreciated and underestimated throughout the world, and I have a whole anime community as proof.


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