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They apply all sorts of cosmetics which were formerly used by the fair-sex alone.

The way they dress their hair or the way they get their tight trousers or gaudy shirts stitched, or the way they walk with their necks craned forward appears ridiculous. They must follow the fashions of film actors whether they can afford them or not. Their hair-styles give them an untidy and shabby look.

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Date: 12 March 2016Fashion refers to the manner of doing something.

Students should stop such recklessness in imitating fashions.

Modesty and simplicity in their dress and habits should be the fashion trend.

Another fashion rampant among students is to go on strike over trifles.

They have forgotten that, as students, they should not clamor for ‘rights’ but try to acquire knowledge whole-heartedly and with single minded devotion.

English movies may be beyond their comprehension but these have become a craze with the student-community.

Our society does not allow us to follow certain scenes which are exhibited in the movies.


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