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Part One Question (c) The full spectrum of counterinsurgent operations entails the three military activities which include offensive operations, defensive operations and security stability in the region.Both the offensive and the defensive military operations are meant to defeat the enemies while stability operation exercises focuses on the control of the already cleared areas of a population.

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In offensive operations, a military unit is assigned an area to carry out combat operations meant to unearth insurgents hiding among the civilians.

In these operations, a commander must acknowledge the concepts of visualizing, describing and directing operations with respect to the tactical and technical position of the insurgents.

Some of the issues that the commanders should weigh while conceptualizing between mission achievement and soldiers welfare include the offensive ability of the insurgents, the vulnerability of the soldiers towards insurgent attacks and the civil responses towards the insurgency operation. This will address the issue of soldier’s welfare in the operations environment (US Dept of Defense 69).

There then is distrust between law enforcement and the community.

Allowing the use of counterinsurgency to turn that officer into an insurgent in that neighborhood. If an individual shows respect and a bond of trust is made between the two, then the animal allows the individual to be in its immediate surroundings.


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