Essay On Effects Of Television And Computers

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Now, family dinners are quickly served, so everyone can have more private time.Since family members are no longer used to having conversations in person, there is usually an awkward silence when they attempt to talk with each other.

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The world is now flooded with modern technology, so technology has become a required part of daily lives.

Almost all households have at least one television, one computer, and one cell phone.

At a time when children are growing physically, it's especially important to note the benefits of physical activity.

Constant computer use can affect a child's attention span and focus.

Too much computer use can affect children's physiological and psychological health as well as social skills.

Using the computer is a very sedentary activity; much like watching television, you don't get very much exercise simply sitting down.

Myopia requires children to wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, which can be very inconvenient throughout their life.

Family barriers and health risks are not the only concerns in regards to technology being used by children.

Technology also contributes to other health problems among children, particularly poor eye vision.

Children spend hours staring at bright screens from televisions, computers, and cell phones without noticing the discomfort in their eyes.


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