Essay On Gender Issues

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Gender issues include problems occurring around the world.

Some essay topic ideas may include focusing on certain issues occurring in other parts of the world.

You can find an idea you can make into your own based on personal interests or experience.

You can consider ideas you have strong personal opinions about and you want to see change occur.

Some people state that there is no sex equality & the others say that men & women have equal rights & duties. Many years ago a woman could not study at school or enter the University, get a good well-paid job, and even vote. They wanted to be free, change their life the way they but not their husbands or relatives wanted.

People treat women differently in various corners of the globe because of the cultural, ethical, and religious impact.

There is another list which includes ten worst countries for sex equality. There are no women in the parliament & the illiteracy among girls is much higher than among boys. Ladies are good politicians, doctors, scientists, creative workers, unique personalities, unbelievable mothers. Males & females must be equal & rule the world together.

Just imagine that Saudi Arabia was the single country in the world which didn’t allow women to drive a car in 2017! It’s really hard to believe that there is such discrimination in the XXI century, in the epoch of flying cars, artificial intelligence. Women are not to stay aside from the world development.

Getting ideas for a gender issue essay paper may include reviewing potential ideas and prompts available.

A list of potential ideas can help you understand options.


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