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Germany will have to accept that respecting the law is enough.

Germany should finally do away with its “neutrality laws” and allow judges and teachers to wear head scarves.

Germany should accept that putting your hand on your heart can be as much a gesture of respect as a handshake.

So being on the subject of men and women asked her if she felt that men and women were treated equally?

She told me that for the most part she does believe that they are, for instance she has friends that work at the Opel which is German for general motor plant and the women does not feel uncomfortable and is not discriminated against she enjoys working there even though it is mostly men.

A guiding national culture that grants room for dissent and deviation within the boundaries of the law would be strong and convincing — to the newly arrived and the dog-tired.

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It is the German lack of liberalism, not mashed potatoes with spinach and eggs, that constitutes our Piefigkeit.

They believe they can defeat the Alternative for Germany by simply not granting the party too much television time.

And they believe they can make people adopt values by making a bullet-point list of values our national mantra. All you can do is live it, promote it and hope that others will follow suit.

If it weren’t for the radio, Hitler wouldn’t have happened, we feel.

Germans believe they can alter the beliefs of Turkish-German supporters of Mr. They believe they can instill a love for liberal democracy by making immigrants take an integration class.


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