Essay On The Russian Revolution 1917

The people of the country suffered greatly under the regime of the many of the Czars through reforms, incompetence and general disregard of the needs of the people.

During this crisis the Czar displayed incompetence and ill regard towards the peasants that made up the majority of the Russian population9.

The government attempted to deal with the famine and mass starvation, but was slowed down by its bureaucracy and a transportation system that was unable to cope10.

These reforms, along with other reforms, were still not solving the problems for the people within Russia.

The people were still quite discontented and within intellectual classes and secret societies began to for8.

When Alexander II died in 1881, his son Alexander III took the throne.

In 1891 a great famine occurred, due to rapid industrial growth.

The reform, which was intended to help the peasants and help industrialize the country, did not actually help the peasants at all but increased their impoverish state.

With an increase of population, land prices rose while income wages were kept low4.

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