Essay On Traditional Marriage In Nigeria

The average Nigerian adult has attended hundreds of weddings.

While each of the aforementioned celebrations have qualities that make it unique, they all share a common order of events. The MC then introduces the important guests seated at the high table.

These cultures have often set up guidelines for the people of the society to follow and adhere to.

Some societies practice their customs and traditions in a more lenient manner.

The celebrant’s friends stand around to pick up the 50, 100, 200, 500 Naira notes that fall by the celebrant’s feet.

Then the MC or someone else gives a closing prayer, guests collect their gifts and go home with full stomachs and poorer hearing than they arrived with.Throughout the novel, the customs of Nigerian society are explored while Aku-nna and Chike try or overcome their families’ adversities.Aku-nna and her brother Nna-nndo live in Lagos with their father at the start of the novel.Here we see yams, bananas, other food stuffs and oil. The bride and groom's family sit on opposite sides of the aisle.Throughout the world, there are numerous cultures that practice various customs and traditions.The women dressed in cream and red are in her bridal party.The bride and groom, oko and iyawo, pose with the groom's family. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, naming ceremonies, funerals are all occasions for huge parties complete with plenty of food, deafening music, matching decorations that extend to the smallest details and all sorts of fanfare.An intimate dinner or cocktail party among friends doesn’t align with Nigerian culture. Lucky for the sociable type these parties happen often, maybe too often.The two siblings have grown up in Nigeria learning the customs and practicing them at a young age.Aku-nna, being the only female in the home takes on the responsibilities of the family much like all the other women in Nigerian society. Not only do these superstitions play a role in the Nigerians’ daily lives, but some superstitions relate to the bride price custom as well.


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