Essay On Water A Blessing

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Joseph decided to quietly call off the wedding…The angel said, "Joseph, the baby that Mary will have is from the Holy Spirit.

The price city dwellers pay for it is very negligible.

Obviously , everything has two facets; one is positive, and the other one is negative and t hese are always for sure . The difference between superficial and human intelligence is the lack of soul.

Just like t echnology has both a dvantages and disadvantages through we can prove how the technology is blessing or a curse . One of the most unique qualities about being human is the ability to read and feel emotions but unfortunately, the excessive usage of technology in the lives of many young children has distorted their human ability to recognize their own emotions and thos e of others.

The title of the poem is short, but not straightforward. The first thing that came to my mind when I read the title was that the theme of the poem would relate to something religious, more specifically the Muslim religion, as it is written by a Pakistani Poet.

However, it metaphorically symbolizes how much a common resource such as water is treasured. the reader automatically forms an image in their mind on what the poet is describing. The poet uses several language techniques in order to portray this message, which is successful, impacting the reader at great heights with such simple words. t receive common resources such as water making the reader feel more genuinely appreciative of the things they get. The poet has tried to convey the message of how water is a natural form of money that is needed to live in this world, without which there would be no life. Conclusion The lack of punctuation used in the 3rd stanza helps further impose the idea of urgency in the poem. The lack of punctuation automatically makes the reader read this line in a hurry therefore making the reader feel a sense of exhaustion and hurriedness. In the past, people had limited resources for communication like they had to travel miles to give a simple message or convey information from one person to another. Waking up by the rays of sunlight , getting water to use from wells, going to so -called schools/colleges /universities or other institutions by walking God know how long, no cure of diseases, no entertainment, no nothing . It can be both blessing or a curse , because our whole world now -a-days revolves around technology i.e; How we communicate with each other? It serves us as a source to share our ideas or thoughts with other people. In 1927, first Television was introduced and so on.On the other side, A study has found those who work for more then a decade at a computer terminal are twice as likely to develop Bowel Cancer. • It can be a factor of declin ing in the physical activities .Another well -known technology Cell phones ; the absolute means of communication . • It makes less interaction with the people around us.He represents this by saying that they want to be essay on water a blessing a rock, or like an island.It is time the government must take effective measures to store and save water and channelize it properly for appropriate distribution.


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