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This could have been one reason that Gilman developed such an ambivalent opinion towards marriage and a factor that could have influenced her to not marry during her early adulthood.

Of course, that chaste vow was severed when she married, but the couple’s sweet oaths terminated when the two came down with a decision to divorce with one daughter left at the end of their unsuccessful relationship.

In “The Yellow Wallpaper”, Gilman skillfully reveals this aspect that drives woman desperate by fabricating the plotline of her own story.

Gilman’s narrator is confined in a nursery and forced to do nothing because it’s recommended for her mental illness.

But by her patriarchal husband and the treatment without considering her as a being, the narrator’s condition gets worsened.

With nothing to stimulate the narrator, she becomes obsessed with observing the yellow wallpaper and imagining a crawling woman inside it.

When “The Yellow Wallpaper”, was published in the 1892 edition of The New England Magazine, people only praised the story’s exquisite imagery and chilling mood.

However, this story was categorized as a chilling reminder that revealed powerful force of social norms after it was released once more in The Feminist Press at 1973 as a separate volume.

Officially born into the prominent and well-known Beecher family in 1860 as Charlotte Anna Perkins, Gilman was eager and passionate for self-improvement from when she was a child.

The overly critical circumstances in Gilman’s life, however, forged impenetrable obstacles on the path to her utmost desires.


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