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What evokes such a tone could possibly be the mood. ” Such a word gives Off vibe of what the mood Is therefore resulting In the tone of the speaker.Shifts: There are very minimal tense shifts If any.

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It is not until the final stanza of "Those Winter Sundays" where the son, too, shows appreciation for his father's hard work, and in effect, a genuine love for him.

He firstly emphasizes the word "too" in line 1: "Sundays too my father got up early" to acknowledge the fact that not only did he work during the "blueblack cold" (Hayden 2) days of winter, but even on Sundays - a day reserved by most, to rest.

Just like these authors, many people are faced with family ordeals.

The manner in which they are overcome, however, depends both on the weight of the problem at hand, and the internal strength of the person who chooses to manage such tribulations.

You never let me forget because we were God, and then took me to bed because I was forever yours.

Connotation: “My Papa’s Waltz” presents similes, metaphors, and personification.An example of a simile would be, “But I held on like death.” The author means that he could never let go he is so desperate.He acknowledges his mother's presence, yet chooses not to dance with her.And although he claims "Such waltzing was not easy" (Roethke 4), he "hung on like death" (Roethke 3) in fear of what may happen if he falls asleep - possibly, his father may drink again and physically abuse his mother.“My Papa’s Waltz” Poem Explication By flashiness’s tolerance can’t handle such a person when they are under the influence.The author evokes such a tone could possibly be the mood.The author revised very brief words throughout the poem to quickly get his poem’s meaning across to the reader.Speaker’s Attitude: The speaker evokes sympathy as they read the poem. Some would be “battered on one knuckle,” “UN-frown,” and “death.The narrator of "My Papa's Waltz" shows love toward an incompetent father, whereas the narrator of "Those Winter Sundays" shows a lack of appreciation to a hardworking father.In both Theodore Roethke's "My Papa's Waltz" and Robert Hayden's "Those Winter Sundays," the narrators must each cope with a conflict with his father, and in spite of a sincere love for him, the son behaves ironically toward his parent as a result of this conflict.


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