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Hyperlink the source with the quote, so that the reader can follow the link for further information. I advise my students to tie back to the lead from the first paragraph.This creates a writing “sandwich.” By referring back to the lead, the writing becomes “tight” with an interwoven idea.

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These leads tell a story, describe the scene, or shock the reader; respectively.

The Purdue Online Writing Lab, the go-to writing site for many English teachers, provides a how-to section for writing leads as well as quality examples.

I prefer headings that use title case (like the headline), but there is flexibility on this one.

The Photo Articles include interesting photos with captions, and they both must directly connect to the message.

Open up a few tabs of sources that might contribute to the message.

Take a few quotes or stats and plop them into the article with a few more sentences that explain the purpose of the evidence.Quality articles are not clickbait or written in all caps. This is imperative in my class, and as a reader, I avoid articles with carelessly written headlines.The Sub-headline or Subtitle If the main idea is not clear in the headline, it should be clear in the subheadline.The Headline or Title Relay the main idea in the headline.Readers should know what the article is about from the headline itself. has examples of title case headlines, but the gist is to capitalize all of the important words in a title.Without further ado, here is what I teach my students when writing online articles.Creating an interesting and compelling lead is no easy task.Most people reading online articles are looking for information relevant to their lives.Make the personal connection by following up the evidence with an interesting idea, question, or story.According to The Writing Center at UNC-Chapel Hill, “what turns a fact or piece of information into evidence is the connection it has with a larger claim or argument: evidence is always evidence for or against something, and you have to make that link clear.”Clearly tying relevant evidence to support an argument is an art form and takes practice. It will become easier to recognize solid evidence by first examining other writers’ works.The best practice is thinking critically while reading. Before writing the body of the article, perform an internet search of the topic.


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