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There is no doubt that smoking is a slow-motion suicide, and murder of the soul and all legislative acts to prevent the killing self and expose it to the reasons for the loss, whether indirectly or directly....[tags: Smoking, Passive smoking, Tobacco] - Smoking has been shown to increase the risk of disease.

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[tags: Tobacco, Nicotine, Tobacco smoking, Smoking] - Puff of Gun Smoke to Your Life Have you ever had a friend or family member die of lung cancer or of a smoking related death.

In America over 160,000 men and women die each year from lung cancer.

Many parks, school games, and restaurants have banned smoking because of the harmful effects of smoking.

This allows an environment for smokers and non-smokers to enjoy fresh air, instead of opaque smoke.

Many workplaces do not have a designated smoke area for its employees, which can create an unappealing workplace....

[tags: Smoking, Passive smoking, Tobacco, Cigarette] - On October 17, 2013, a Sioux Native American man named Nathan passed away at the age of 53 due toof severe lung disease (“Nathan’s Biography,” 2015).

Not always, but sometimes, you see the struggles and sickness your loved one can go through and you’d give anything to make that someone feel better.

Technology has been on a rise and possibly figured out a safer way.

- Teen Smoking In recent years, smoking has started to take over the lives of many teenagers.

The number of teenagers smoking has increased dramatically in the last several years.


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