Essays On Frankenstein Revenge

Alienation has caused him to be an outsider; he realises how different he is to everybody else; ‘when I looked around, I saw and heard of none like me’.As he says ‘all men hate the wretched’ and this hatred causes alienation.She was created naturally so perhaps the Creature’s hideous appearance could reflect his unnatural origins. His appearance is the sole cause of his alienation and ultimate unhappiness.

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When the novel was written a scientific revolution was taking place.

Advances in electricity and biology were causing some concern as people were actually discussing the possibility of bringing the dead back to life.

The Creature’s very appearance sets him apart from society, which sets so much store on looks.

This can be seen by the reaction of the villagers when they see him – they stone him, he saves a child from drowning but the father shoots him.

For Shelley, modern science caused alienation and in turn destruction.

Essays On Frankenstein Revenge

The novel deals with many issues of the day, one of which being alienation. He was rejected by his creator and then rejected by society due to his appearance.

Like the French peasants in France in 1789, the Creature is alienated and oppressed and like the French peasants he rebels.

In her presentation of the Creature’s alienation, Shelley is warning against state oppression.

The novel was written in answer to a challenge, by Lord Byron, to write a ghost story, when he, Polidori, PB Shelley and Mary Shelley were staying near Lake Geneva in the Swiss Alps.

Mary Shelley determined to write a story that would ‘curdle the blood and quicken the beatings of the heart’. It does not deal with ghosts; Shelley argues that real horror does not derive from the supernatural, real horror arises from reality – the reality of the dangers of modern science.


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