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KISSEL, Aules Persius Flaccus : Satiren, Heidelberg, 1990, p. BELLANDI, Persio : dai «verba togae » al solipsismo stilistico (Studi sui Choliambi e la poetica di Aulo Persio Flacco), Bologna, 19962 (Testi e manuali per l’insegnamento universitario del Latino, 25), esp. 3 For the parody of Accius and Pacuvius as a satiric topos, see e.

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What sets satire apart from other forms of social and political protest is humor.

The political satire was born during the age of Milton.

Samuel Butler in his satirical poem Hudibras satirizes the dishonourable behaviour of his age; the poem was very popular in its time and stays as a best piece of its kind before the age of Dryden.

One of the most difficult passages in Persius’ first satire is the one regarding archaic Roman tragedy in lines 1, 76-78.

In Clausen’s OCT edition1 the text runs as follows: est nunc Brisaei quem uenosus liber Acci, sunt quos Pacuuiusque et uerrucosa moretur Antiopa aerumnis cor luctificabile fulta? The Scholia on his Satires are cited according to the recent Teubner edition of W.


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