Ethnocentrism And Cultural Relativism Essay

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Ethical relativism is a viewpoint where there is the belief that morality is dependent on the norms of a culture that practice it; thus, this society determines whether the actions of individuals in morally right or wrong (Ulin 803).

Those who propagate this theory believe that nothing can be said to be.......

the fact that English is the international language in the world does not mean that those who do not know the language do not have anything valuable to offer.

Therefore, it is necessary to apply considerable accommodation to such cultural differences in order to foster understanding, e.g.

Therefore, business leaders and executives should critically evaluate their business circumstances, especially for those involving specific cross-cultural situations, in order to avoid applying ethnocentrism, which may jeopardize the business transactions.

For instance, one of the parties to the business contract may pull away if he or she feels considered as a junior partner to the contract due to his or her culture or religion (Egger, 2008).In USA, bribes are considered unlawful, but in some parts of china they are part of the business process.The market penetration may require breaking the law by giving some bribes.However, global leaders as well as guardians of international trade such as the United Nations have a stipulated set of recognized norms that businesses have to abide to, such as the UN Global Impact. This is especially in cases where the business transaction has a lot more sentimental value as compared to its commercial value.This provision enables businesses to engage professionally when confronted with cross cultural business circumstances as well as maintain cordial business relations with their partners (Jhingran, 2001). Take for instance in a business transaction that involves dealing with antiques and traditional artifacts such as monuments, curving, drawings and idols.Cultural Relativism Cultural relativism refers to the individuality of cultures, their customs, ethics and beliefs.All cultures, as defined by cultural relativism, are entitled to their own way of doing things without being judged by others, because cultures have different moral standards.The gifts however require careful choice to avoid influencing the decisions of the recipient.In such cases, the gift is considered as a bribe, which may break the business ties.All cultures are also entitled to their own believes, in addition to having equal value.Cultural relativism as a concept also explains why it is right for a particular society to do something while it is morally wrong for another society to do the same thing.


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