Expository Essay Healthy Relationships

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They include communication, empathy, and genuine concern for each other, expressing one and fighting fairly, knowing each other has needs, and asserting each other’s rights by honoring and respecting them.

Self-esteem means that a person should feel good about him/herself by accepting himself or herself as they are because nobody is perfect.

The components of a healthy relationship include honesty, respect, trust, commitment, assertiveness, positive self-esteem, mutual/separate goals and interests, communication, and equality.

There are skills that a person can acquire in order to be able to triumph in relationships.

They must set a good example and teach them what is right and wrong. nt's love and trust are the most significant things that they can show their children.

Their love and trust gives their teen respect and love for themselves.

This is because every relationship teaches something, and helps people to grow individually.

In cases where a relationship does not work completely, a break up is called for.

Many teenagers are very rebellious during this time in their lives.

When a parent shows discouragement in their choice of mate, o...


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