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And perhaps they have rightfully come to believe that others should be able to do so, as well.In some ways, I feel like a sellout -- as if I have caved to some of the nonsense and charade that is so embedded in higher education that we can barely recognize it as such anymore.Yet I find consolation in the fact that, over 21 years of teaching, students have routinely told me that my classes are some of the most intellectually rigorous and emotionally demanding courses offered at any of the universities where I’ve taught.

And perhaps they have rightfully come to believe that others should be able to do so, as well.

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Let's say you have a Gradebook that contains 5 quizzes, 4 of them are for credit and 1 of them is an extra credit quiz. The total points possible for the scenario above would be 40 points possible (i.e. The Extra Credit quiz does not factor into the total "out of" points possible, so the total points remain at 40.

Including Extra Credit, a student could potentially earn 105% of the total grade.

In the Student view, while none of the scores have changed from the prior example, the course grade percentage is now 105%, instead of 115%.

40 points) will be added together and then divided by 30 (the total points possible) to result in a category percentage of 133%.

Then, 133% will be weighted as 40% of the course grade.


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