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Many people make big mistakes in their family law case that they could have avoided, but you can stop that by letting them know about this page.

the attention being paid to the United States Supreme Court nomination battle, one could be forgiven for overlooking the fact that our very own Supreme Court of Canada started a new term this month.

And the court’s docket is already filling up with cases that raise consequential and difficult questions about matters as diverse of warrantless police searches, international law, class actions, deference to government, and press freedom.

As the final court of appeal in Canada, the Supreme Court’s nine judges get the last judicial word in resolving disputes, interpreting government legislation, and determining whether government conduct is constitutional.

This flowchart created by the BC Legal Services Society shows the procedure for getting Family Law Act parenting and support orders.

And this flowchart shows procedures in child protection cases.

BC also has some new resources to help families through separation.

Procedure The procedures for making applications under the statutes mentioned earlier are set out in the Provincial Court (Family) Rules, the Provincial Court (Child, Family and Community Service Act) Rules, and the Provincial Court (Adult Guardianship) Rules.

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