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He crashes the submarine, but is thwarted by Grant and ingested by a white blood cell.

Duval destroys the clot and the crew escapes Benes’s body via the optic nerve.

They are washed out in a tear just as they are beginning to return to normal size.

Benes is never seen to wake up, but the film’s ending implies that the mission has been successful.

The submarine is nuclear-powered, so its progress can be followed like a radioactive tracer.

A technician shows its position by manually moving a light around a large, simple diagram of the body.

This film won the 1966 Academy Award for Best Special Visual Effects.

Screenplay by Harry Kleiner, based on story by Otto Klement and Jay Lewis Bixby.

Raquel Welsh’s character is biddable and comely, allowed on the mission, after loud objections about including women, because she can service Dr.

Duval’s laser gun (her efficiency is undermined somewhat when the gun is sabotaged by Dr.


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