Fast Food Business Plan

Fast Food Business Plan-51
 Make the transaction from a single point of Sale Company to a distributed sales company. Refine the company values and culture by hiring the best people.

 Family life cycle: 3Ar S Fast Food is suitable in every stage of life like single married couple and also those who have children can use this product.

 Lifestyle: This product is used in every level of social class like upper, middle class.

Similarly 3Ar S Fast Food is facing considerable competitors in Gujrat area like;  KFC  Mac Donald’s  UFC  Sawad  AFC  Domino  Pizza huts..But here our opportunity is, no one have any branch in Jalal pur Jattan.

Competitive advantage strategies are now playing a vital role in world wide businesses.

We are in (BBA) 5th semester and before this, we completed different projects in different subjects like marketing, cost accounting, business ethics and human resource management as well.

In marketing we developed a marketing plan in which our product is “date shake”, in business ethics we developed a business plan on Nestle Company and tell them their ethical issues and their solutions, and now in this semester we complete our project on activities and functions of human resource department in Pepsi Co.These are very useful to contain or maintain a competitive edge.3Ar S Fast Food will follow differentiation strategy, diversification strategy, marketing advantage strategy and geographic expansion strategy.The piece of land which is required to organize the whole set up is about 4500 sq feet (1 canal) for our restaurant.“Every color has meanings” Our presenting color is pixel organic, because it attractive and show freshness. Equipments & machinery used in production house  Oven  Potato French fries machine  Dough mixture  Food processor  Frying machine  Microwave  French fry cutter  Food cutter  Sauces  Cutlery set  utensil Every business needs the information’s about market before going to start. Geographic expansion strategy: Geographic expansion means to add new places and new disciplines.We start our business in Jalal Pur Jattan and next target is Gujrat, Kharian, and all over the Pakistan after 3 years of establishment of our business.Due to increasing the needs, wants and demand of foreign cuisine we decided to launched our fast food center on a small scale. And we provided self purchasing services and free home delivery with in Jalal pur jattan.We also make our contract with schools and collages that we deliver our products at the time of recess (break) in schools and collages.It’s a fundamental of business where you have competition along your business.If you want to overcome your competitor you must have knowledge of that business as much you have your own.


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