Fine Art Photography Essay

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It is here where both skill and a certain mindset play important parts.During one of my workshops in the forest this autumn, a student walked up to me saying: “I don’t see it (any art in the forest).

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In order to call something art, a human needs to actively create.

Art isn’t a picture that appears on a screen on the back of a camera.

Art, in a strict sense, can simply not exist without conscious creation.

Like some sort of beautiful apparition, the magically appearing photograph is the discovery of your camera's capabilities but not your own.

And he was blown away by the miniature world that appeared on the screen.

It’s the way the magenta tones popped and how the light, coming from the top right of the frame, bounced off the spider’s web to diffract in every color of the rainbow.To be perfectly honest, my own thalamus (brain filter) can be a pain in the butt sometimes.I always see the world through some fantasy created by others.There are two ways to photography: registration and creation.Let me be clear that, before we get into a short essay about self-acceptance in art, neither is better than the other.For example, I can’t help the affection I feel for 19th century German landscape painters.And I’m deeply inspired by both the cinematography of the Lord of the Rings and the collectible card game Magic the Gathering.While I’d like to teach you today about conscious creation, registration is the inherent nature of photography.But the way we modify and modulate light before it hits the sensor, as well as the entire process after it, is all up to us and not the camera manufacturer.Art is, by its very definition, created by a human cognitive process.It doesn't really matter whether or not a certain amount of effort was involved in its creation, as long as it is made through human thought processes and by human hands and actions.


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