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The Constitution was written to replace the Articles of Confederation because it did not grant enough power to the federal government.However, the Constitution limited the power of the federal government.

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The purpose of the Constitution is to protect but not grant the natural rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The First Amendment in the Constitution is very important because it protects freedom of speech, religion and the press....

[tags: First Amendment to the United States Constitution] - First Amendment Rights in Schools Students’ rights in schools are limited or just taken away.

Kids are forced to do whatever the officials at their school, either the principal or the teachers, tell the students to do.

If they did not allow religions that didn’t involve a god such as Christianity or Islam, then they would choosing religions over one another, which is against the first amendment (Cripe, Pearlman, Kosiak, 2013).

Everyone is protected by the first amendment and everyone’s religion is protected as well, no matter the controversy over the religion.... DRIEHAUS AND FREE SPEECH INTRODUCTION The 2016 Presidential election season has come with no shortage of defamation news.

[tags: First Amendment to the United States Constitution] - Democracy is a form of government that limits the national government, while expanding the rights of the people.

“Americans have long believed the limits of the power of government are an essential part of what makes America free” (Bardes, Shelley, 2014).

[tags: First Amendment to the United States Constitution] - On July 4, 1776 The Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress.

Eleven years later on September 17, 1787 the Constitution was signed.


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