Fostering Critical Thinking

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During studies, learners will need to draw on critical thinking making decisions, through which they will able to assess knowledge, developing skills and decreasing their reliance on others’ resources.

Critical thinking is vital as it plays a good role in learning Critical thinking can be easily taught. Each step needs to be illustrated and practiced and students given opportunity for undertaking this practice as part of assessment (Tittle, 2011).

In wide brief, critical thinking is considered as an academic skill of being able to look at ideas and problems to assess them.

It also involves the ability to see links between concepts and enhance one’s own thoughts or active participation in different disciplines.

In every discipline there is an agreement that students need to improve their critical thinking skills (Mc Lean, 2005).

Critical thinking is more than just knowledge acquisition or a collection of processing skills; rather it is the development and continual use of analytical skills (Scriven & Paul, 2004).

This would include: problem based tasks, case studies and simulations.

However, instructors face many obstacles in teaching the critical thinking process due to the practical constraints of conventional classes.

In general, Teachers are very concerned about improving critical thinking skills among students and find it a desirable outcome of nowadays education ( Mc Lean, 2005).

Critical thinking is an important skill for any learner.


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