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Continuing Education at Framingham State University offers students the flexibility to mix both online and evening courses in pursuit of an undergraduate degree or certificate.

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After all, the “campus is gorgeous,” “the weather is always nice” and there are an abundance “of resources at your fingertips.” What’s more, “despite its large size..community is welcoming and [undergrads] don’t feel like an anonymous face in the student body.” Incredibly, it’s still “easy to feel at home.” Much of that can be credited to faculty who “are very willing to help undergraduate students with classes, research, career prospects, and everything in between.” Florida State professors also excel at bringing their “courses to life and mak[ing] them interesting enough that [students truly] want to learn.” Many are also “experts in their field.” And “they make it known that they want students to succeed.” To that end, “in addition to making themselves available..office hours, they [continually] offer to make time for students [beyond those hours].” Perhaps this grateful undergrad says it best, “Their advice has pushed me to be a better student and pushed me to find a great future.” Florida State manages to attract a student body that’s a “unique mixture of south Floridians, crunchy granolas, Northern snowbirds, sorority girls, and good ole boys, with a nice international population mixed in there.” Despite these diverse personalities, the university still seems to cultivate a “strong sense of community.” Of course, it definitely helps that students are “very friendly and always willing to [strike] up conversation.” Even better, “everyone you see seems genuinely happy” and everyone “is pushing for you.” People here want to see their peers “succeed.” As one impressed student shares, “Everyone is so kind.

No one is afraid to ask for help, and if they do most would be more than willing to help you out.” Undergrads also applaud FSU for doing “a great job in creating or allowing students to create spaces for all communities, particularly those that are historically marginalized/ typically first gen students.” And no matter what else, students here come together in their shared “love for FSU.” As this satisfied student sums up, “I have never been on a campus with such school spirit, excitement, and motivation to improve.” Life at Florida State offers a great “mix of academics, socializing, [and] extracurricular [activities].” To begin with, athletics are fairly popular and you can frequently spot “basketball games and volleyball games” popping up around campus.

Hopefully, this letter will provide you with an account of the student that I am along with what was already provided through the application process.

Throughout my high school journey I have experienced highs and lows.

The Florida State University College of Medicine will educate and develop exemplary physicians who practice patient-centered health care, discover and advance knowledge, and are responsive to community needs, especially through service to elder, rural, minority, and underserved populations.

This is your time to expand your mind and your horizons, to achieve what you've always envisioned and even that which you never imagined.

Disclaimer: This paper has been submitted by a student.

This is not a sample of the work written by professional academic writers.

My score does not provide an adequate testament and analysis of me as a student.

My current predicament stands as me being unavailable to retest due to the dates of the test being so far away.


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