Garden Center Business Plan

In addition, the manager also wants to prevent competitors from taking away present customers.

A market development strategy is one that attempts to find for the nursery’s existing product mix.

As market situations and competition change, so must the marketing objectives. There are four basic market strategy positions including: (1) market penetration; (2) market development; (3) product development; and (4) diversification. This type of strategy may use a number of approaches.

For example, the manager may wish to increase the number of customers in present markets, or he may wish to increase the usage of particular plants of both present and potential customers.

This is based on the research findings and opportunities identified in the early stages of the situation analysis.

After segmentation, certain target market options exist for the firm: In the case of marketing nursery products, it is probably best to employ the second option and target 2-3 segments including a primary market, a secondary market, and a salvage market.Most business managers have heard the phrase “effective marketing is the key to profitability”, but many do not fully understand what this means.The tendency is to associate marketing with “selling” or “advertising”.In an industry as large and diverse as the Texas nursery industry, it is impossible to develop a general marketing program that would apply to all participants in the nursery industry because management skills, market opportunities and resource availabilities vary considerably in each part of the country.Thus, step-by-step guidelines are presented which can be used to develop an individualized marketing plan.A product development strategy exists when the manager attempts to develop . For example, a product improvement may be when a new plant (cultivar) actually replaces an existing plant that is slipping in the marketplace.The new product may be less expensive to produce, more appealing, or serve the customer’s landscaping needs better.The determination of realistic marketing objectives requires a sound situational analysis.Since these objectives will guide the entire plan and its strategies they have to be realistic and clear. The setting of objectives is an ever changing part of the planning process. At this point in the process, the manager’s task is to determine an overall strategy to achieve the defined objectives.A diversification strategy occurs when the manager attempts to attract new groups of customers by moving into totally .This might involve taking a new product or service to totally new markets that the company didn’t previously serve.


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