Geomorphology Dissertations

A lightweight hyperspectral mapping system and photogrammetric processing chain for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters 10 (6), 1587-1591 , Seijmonsbergen AC, Bouten W., 2009. Selected conference proceedings papers/abstracts , Smith MJ, Seijmonsbergen AC, Bouten W, 2011.

Modelling channel incision and alpine hillslope development using laser altimetry data. Books & book chapters Seijmonsbergen AC, De Jong MGG, De Graaff LWS, , 2011. Optimizing object-based image analysis for semi-automated geomorphological mapping.

Persistent dune development begins with the establishment of vegetation on the beach: the vegetation traps the wind-blown sand, forming an embryo dune.

Over time an embryo dune can develop into a bigger foredune, increasing coastal safety.

Helens: Deposit Morphology and Distribution Analysis Using Multi-parameter Remote Sensing - and - Field-Based Methods" Advisor: Capo “Physicochemical Effects of Synthetic Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid on Core Samples of the Middle Devonian Marcellus Shale and Underlying Huntersville Chert, Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA” "Millennial- To Annual-Scale Holocene Climate Change in the Alaskan Arctic and Tropical Andes Inferred from Physical Sedimentology and Geochemical Indicators Preserved in Finely Laminated Alpine Lake Sediment Archives""Evolution of the Martian Highlands Geomorphic and Morphometric Analysis of Drainage Basins and Valley Networks & Multispectral Remote Sensing and Field Analyses of Channel Morphology and Bed Deposits of Intermittent Streams in Sub-arid and Arid Regions""Structural History of Transpressional Deformation at a Constraining Bend at the Northern Terminus of the Las Vegas Valley Shear Zone, Mercury, Nevada: Implications for the Formation of the Yucca Mountain Region""Utilization of Airborne Thermal Infrared Imagery and Helicopter Mounted Electromagnetic Conductivity to Delimit Abandoned Mine Drainage and Abandoned Mine Pools in the Kettle Creek Watershed in North Central Pennsylvania" The Pittsburgh Collaboratory for Water Research, Education, and Outreach is a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and training dedicated to applying science-based approaches to resolve local, regional, and global water sustainability issues.

We are a multidisciplinary center comprised of researchers from different departments throughout the University of Pittsburgh.Please contact the Academic Coordinator, Annemarie Vranesevic ([email protected]) if you are a graduate who has been left out or you can provide a missing title.Advisor: Ramsey “Dome Collapse Driven Block-And-Ash Flows on Shiveluch, and Pyroclastic Flows on Mount St.Our aim is to advance research collaborations among departments to develop cross-disciplinary projects that focus on climate change.Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating beach ridge sediments is one method for resolving barrier island growth at intermediate scales (decades-centuries), information that is lacking for Louisiana.The formation and development of embryo dunes into foredunes depend on the vegetation establishment on the beach, dune growth over summer and dune erosion during winter.Although vegetation succession and geomorphological processes are each well described, the interaction between ecological and geomorphological processes during embryo dune development are not well known.I present five stream types: 1) bedrock channels entirely confined by exposed bedrock and void of persistent alluvium; 2) bedrock with alluvium ...Listed below are the Geology and Environmental Science MS and Ph D graduates for the years 2000 to present.The landscape was found to be dominated by erosive processes though chemical and possibly physical weathering also played an important role in the disaggregation of the intact rock.The need for further studies in the boulder field was found to be beneficial in trying to understand better the huge wave event that created it.


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