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As future health professionals, working in multidisciplinary teams is a must.This necessitates reflection as it is a critical component of learning.Some scholars, such as Zeichner and Liston (1996), believe that a wider and more flexible approach is needed by examining values in a critical light and how the practice of this can lead to changes in quality.

As future health professionals, working in multidisciplinary teams is a must.

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The idea is to systematically reflect on a particular situation to ensure that all aspects have been considered and evaluated, as this will assist the reflector in understanding what to do next time they are in a similar situation. Introduction The incident I will be reflecting on occurred whilst I was placed with the vascular team.

The process consists of the following steps: Click to Expand Description: What happened? We had received a request for a duplex carotid scan for a patient on ITU who had been admitted due to a large stroke.

This event clearly caused undue anxiety to both the patient and members of the public, in addition to the members of staff who bore witness to the incident.

The incident was reported using an in-house critical incident report by both myself and staff from ITU as this was a breach of patient confidentiality and poor practice.

There was a maximum of five students per group and a minimum of two.

Initially, the writer was in Group I where the topic was Dementia.To critically reflect upon this incident I shall use a well-known reflective cycle from Gibbs (1988).This model is cyclical and is unique because it includes emotions, knowledge, and actions and believes that experiences are repeated, which moves away from the model proposed by Kolb (1984).The nurse should have been made aware that this was not a suitable area to bring the members of the public to.I also assumed that there would not be disclosure of specific patient details as this would be a breach of patient confidentiality policies which are covered in numerous guidelines from the Healthcare Professions Council (HCPC, 2012) and the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC 2015).A nurse came onto the ward with two members of the public in order to show them around ITU before the man’s surgery.This has been a long-standing protocol which strives to decrease worry before a planned stay in ITU.Interpretation of the incident Before the incident, I was aware that the nurse was showing the members of the public around the ITU in order to familiarise them with the ward.I was very surprised when the nurse did not check the patient’s notes beforehand, and the distress caused to both the patient and the members of the public was entirely unnecessary.Upon arrival we read her notes which highlighted significant aphasia and difficulties with communication.The nurse also informed us that the patient had a long standing memory problem and as a result of this, she did not remember why she had been admitted and would become very distressed when her stroke was discussed.


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