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If you had exactly passing scores for all 6 MEE answers, this would have contributed 79.8 points to your total UBE score (which is 30% of 266).

If you had exactly passing scores for all 6 MEE answers, this would have contributed 79.8 points to your total UBE score (which is 30% of 266).

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If you add the 79.8 to the 53.2, you get 133 (an exactly passing written score).

On a side note, if you failed in another UBE state, I plan to make score calculators for those states once I have enough score sheets to figure out the scales.

Can anyone explain how grading actually works on the bar for UBE jurisdictions? Are the points for every essay on the MEE added together as a raw score for the 25% and then weighted?

Each jurisdiction has their own scale for the MEE and MPTs -- (Some use 1-6; other use 1-10, New York uses 20-50 to grade the MEEs.) The MBE is scored nationally so it is always on a 200-point scale and is the same everywhere.

So the weighting is the same but the actual points that you see for each essay will vary depending on the jurisdiction you are in.

I'm not sure if this is what you were asking, so sorry if it was not! According to the F17 NYBOLE score report "The scaled score for each of the six MEE questions and two MPT questions are arrived at by converting the raw score for each question to a scale that generally ranges from approximately 20 to 80, with 50 as the mean."The best way to understand how the scores are calculated is to see it in action.

If you say Yes, I include your essays in the MEE/MPT Comparison which lets you see your answers compared to everyone else's side-by-side.

Following are very small samples of my February and July 2010 MPT comparisons: Comparison is viewable by everyone who participates in it and also by subscribers.

The MPTs are always weighted at 20% The MBE is weighted at 50%.

After the scores are scaled to meet those above requirements you will get an overall score of, say, 260 or 280 or whatever and that is what you use to compare yourself to passing scores in other jurisdictions.


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