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which since 1990 have ranked states on health indicators.

which since 1990 have ranked states on health indicators.Curious about why their state’s rankings rose and fell over time, researchers Paul Peppard, David Kindig, and Patrick Remington at UWPHI wondered if health, like politics, is local.I value my self respect for it keeps me upright and any day I can confront my inner self without any hesitation or qualm.

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Take away self-respect, destroy a man's conscience and he is no better than a beast.They delved into measuring the health of Wisconsin’s counties and released the first Wisconsin County Health Rankings in 2003.During the next few years, leaders in other states became interested in using UWPHI’s approach, and in 2009, with funding from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), we began our work to expand the rankings to other states.The rankings are unique in their ability to measure the overall health of each county in all 50 states on the multiple factors that influence health.The rankings provide communities with insights on a variety of factors that affect health, such as high school graduation rates, access to healthy foods, air pollution levels, income, and rates of smoking, obesity, and teen births. Many People cannot do without money or the comforts which money can buy; but I think in the long run these are the things one may manage without. One thing is more important than health and that is a positive outlook A positive outlook is the basis of all that makes a good life. It is a difficult question to answer because one takes so many things for granted and yet even if one of then' was removed we would miss it terribly.Why has RWJF committed to producing annual rankings of the health of every county in the nation?The rankings support RWJF’s goal to build a culture of health by raising awareness of the multiple factors that influence health and stimulating and supporting local action to improve health by addressing these factors (Figure 1).There is great beauty and great wealth in the world of nature, one needs only to be gifted with the capacity to observe to enjoy it.Given these gifts one should be able to have the warmth of friends and a happy family life and these are things that I value in life.


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