Hitler Youth Essay Questions

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By the time you reached the most senior division (denoted by the single Sieg (lightening bolt) rune) basically age 15 you were in all respects undergoing military basic training and could move right into a military service (Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe or Kreigsmarine) depending on aptitude when you reached the minimum age.

Those of good racial stock, racial characteristics, the right attitude and highest ability would be sent to the SS. His take on it was "It was like the Boy Scouts" They were basically taught to spend alot of time in nature and to exercise.

He did not seem to think he was forced into Nazi propaganda...

I think he would have been about 18 or 19 when the war ended, and by that time was no fan of Hitler.

For all Hitler Youth taken prisoner, were they let go after WWII because they were children? What is Hitler Youth's contribution to the Whermacht?

How much casualties did it suffer out of its 8 million membership? Did Hitler Youth accept boys only and hold no female members? You say that you are after our "insights" but all of your questions appear to be searching for basic facts.

The child soldiers were used as the last line of defense and were reportedly among the fiercest fighters. But given the fact that Hitler Youth is a little teenage soldiers, were they given mercy by the Red Army?

Or did the Red Army fight and treat them like other adult Whermacht soldiers?

At first, Adolf Hitler was indifferent toward the youth of Germany, from a political perspective at least, since they could neither vote nor join the Nazi Party.

But at the urging of his supporters, he came to understand the huge potential of Germany’s young people as future standard bearers of the Reich, and the boys as future soldiers in the Wehrmacht.


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