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On that same day Mountbatten was killed, the Provisional IRA also killed eighteen British Army soldiers from the Parachute Regiment.

In 1984, two years after the end of the hunger strikes, bombs were let off in Brighton during a party conference, almost killing Margaret Thatcher herself, which certainly helped in bringing the situation in Ireland home.

In an on-going battle with the British government, the prisoners of the H Block in Maze Prison started the dirty and blanket protests.

This would inevitably lead to the hunger strikes, as previous the protests were of no real concern to the British Government.

Ireland has a history riddled in violence and struggle between Protestants and Catholics and whether or not to remain under control of the British Government. Middle It was not just the IRA prisinoners and Sinn Fein politicians who felt there was injustice in Northern Ireland.

"There can be no question of political status for someone who is serving a sentence for crime. It is not political, it is crime", Margaret Thatcher's famous quote after Bobby Sands was elected MP, marking that the Government were still not going to back down.Meanwhile, other tactics being used involved the severe bombing of Unionist areas and a few campaigns in Britain.The pub bombings in Birmingham and Guildford in 1974 had set the tone for IRA attacks on the British at home.By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.However, before this bomb attack the troubles had been considered a foreign affair, but by endangering the lives of top politicians and innocent members of public on the mainland, it was helping to ring the alarm bells of the conservative government. Conclusion They also acknowledged the nationalist desire for a united Ireland.Under the Agreement, voters elected a new Northern Ireland Assembly to form a Northern Irish parliament.Ulster Unionist party leader David Trimble became First Minister of Northern Ireland.The Deputy Leader of the SDLP, Seamus Mallon, became Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, though his party's new leader, Mark Durkan, subsequently replaced him.There was no way that the problems in Ireland could be fixed to accommodate all 8 parties wishes, but so far this is the greatest compromise that's been on offer.So, were the hunger strikes the successful tactic for the progression of Nationalist aims?


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