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But no one challenges the basic structure of the story.There is a fundamental problem with this narrative: it isn’t true.

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For most of their history, humans lived in tiny egalitarian bands of hunter-gatherers.

Then came farming, which brought with it private property, and then the rise of cities which meant the emergence of civilisation properly speaking.

First, that there is a thing called “inequality”; second, that it is a problem; and third, that there was a time it did not exist.

Since the financial crash of 2008 and the upheavals that followed, the “problem of social inequality” has been at the centre of political debate.

Otherwise, the best we can hope for is to adjust the size of the boot that will be stomping on our faces, for ever, or perhaps to wrangle a bit more wiggle room in which some of us can at least temporarily duck out of its way.

Mainstream social science now seems mobilised to reinforce this sense of hopelessness.

”) as their starting point, and assume the larger story will begin with some kind of fall from primordial innocence.

Simply framing the question this way means making a series of assumptions.

We love hearing hunting stories almost as much as we love hunting ourselves.

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