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Many of them are active duty or former military, or work as teachers, firefighters, or nurses.On our cul-de-sac, there is one African American family, and one family of Pacific Islanders, but these families are also middle income, active duty military families, who have received higher education as well.

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Diversity can either cause inclusion to occur, or for prejudice to happen.

For example, people tend to have preconceived notions about how men and women manage and make decisions in the workplace because of the stereotypes that have been associated with the genders (Harvey & Allard, 2011).

Importance of Workplace Diversity Training Cultural diversity is growing in the workplace.

Successful organizations need to recognize the need to invest its resources on managing diversity in the workplace. Greenberg says that diversity gives the organization increased adaptability, a broader service range, a variety of viewpoints, and more effective execution (2011).

The Affect of Cultural Diversity on Social Circles When sitting on my front porch, I can observe how people tend to gravitate toward people like themselves.

For example, people consider me as Caucasian because of how I look, but I am of Native American and Hispanic decent. I am Catholic, middle income, and I have an education higher than the high school level. My neighbors are also Caucasian, Christian, middle income families, who have received education higher than the high school level as well.Racial groups, religious groups, ethnic groups, gender groups, and cultural patterns.These groups then form subordinate and dominate groups in society (Schaefer, 2011).They self segregate in a neighborhood like Chinatown and Little Italy (Schaefer, 2011) because the cultural patterns in that area are similar to their own.As I see it, cultural diversity is the blending of these groups, not to create one homogeneous group, but to work together with different experiences and points of view, to create a better society.These dimensions affect which cultural, ethnic, or other groups we identify with as well as our social circles.Inclusion is a way of bringing these culturally diverse people together in a common way.For example, men are logical and women are emotional, therefore men should be in managerial position, not women.Cultural diversity seems to naturally occur, based on our different upbringings in different areas around the world. Inclusion, on the other hand, is something businesses can control, based on proper workplace diversity training, reviewing of company policies, and learning about the employees within a company.The difference between diversity and inclusion is identified as well as the importance of diversity training within the workplace and how workplace culture is affected by diversity.Thinking about Diversity and Inclusion There are many dimensions of cultural diversity.


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