Into Thin Air Essay

The dream of going up to the summit of Mount Everest is one that many people might have, but never seriously attempt.

Just as the top of the mountain is so far away from the ground, the dream seems too far out of reach.

Throughout the climb, Krakauer details his teammates, his guides and other expeditions on the mountain.

He tries to piece together a continuous timeline of the events that take place in the weeks they are on the mountain.

All of the clients have difficulty adjusting to the altitude, tiring easily, losing weight and moving slowly.

The climbers' experience in mountain climbing and at high altitudes varies—some of them are quite qualified, others very inexperienced and highly reliant on the guides.

Krakauer struggles with survivor's guilt and a redefined view on mortality and addresses questions about events on the mountain that perhaps don't have answers.

Krakauer acknowledges and apologizes for any pain or anger his book might arose in the friends and families of vi ctims, but is undeterred from detailing the events, be they heroic, selfish or tragic.

The preparations one must make in order to be ready for a climb up Everest are astounding to those who do not already hike.

But they are necessary in order to be ready for anything.


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