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This study views the aforementioned circumstances that consumers find themselves in, on the one hand, and the banking practices they participate in, on the other, as interacting elements of a socially determinate whole.Trust, I suggest, is the common thread underpinning the everyday banking practices within the interacting elements of a socially determinate whole.The thesis is based on a sociological framework that does not aim to explain the development and growth of Islamic banking in terms that are principally about religion.

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Last, the study notes that shariah regulation has contradictory corollary effects: it is both functional and dysfunctional.

Whilst it functions in enabling the growth of Islamic banking, it also contributes to social fragmentation within Malaysian society.

All university libraries should have access to several online databases where you can search and read through thousands of abstracts.

Again, focus on finding content related to your own work.Thus, in seeking to understand why increasingly consumers trust Islamic banking’s promise of economic advantage with the added value of religious compliance, the study seeks to interpret Islamic banking practices from the perspective of the ‘ordinary’ consumer.Everyday Islamic banking practices are viewed in this thesis, as embedded within broader, historically determined, closely intertwined, social, economic, cultural and political circumstances.Second, the personalised trust that characterises thick social ties bolsters confidence in Islamic banking.In rating Islamic banking as the most socially acceptable choice, family and peers are signalling confidence in the value and values of Islamic banking and are unwitting allies of the state and banks.Not only will you be doing a lot of your research using these resources, but they can provide you with a detailed perspective of what a good dissertation should contain.Save time by searching for content you will use towards your own work.First, for those who perceive and are attracted to the added value of Islamic banking, trust in the shariah regulation and expertise, as underwritten by the state, is the first condition to their choice.Trust lubricates their choice by reducing complexity, mitigating risk and bridging the gap between knowledge and faith.Following the crisis of trust in the political-economic model of development deployed up to the crisis of 1997-1998, Islam’s vast repertoire of ideas, language and symbols are a powerful and dexterous foundation of a strategy that simultaneously problematises ‘conventional’ banking and offers an alternative course through Islamic banking.Nevertheless, Islamic banking practices are not given and cannot be taken-for-granted.


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