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My wife and I had moved to the Jewish side of town, more or less by chance ‒ the first Airbnb host who accepted our request to rent a room happened to be in the Nachlaot neighborhood where even the hipsters are religious.

My wife and I had moved to the Jewish side of town, more or less by chance ‒ the first Airbnb host who accepted our request to rent a room happened to be in the Nachlaot neighborhood where even the hipsters are religious.As a result, almost everyone we interacted with was Jewish Israeli and very supportive of Israel.Writing about the attack with the detached analytical eye of a journalist, I was able to take the perspective that (I was fast learning) most news outlets wanted – that Israel was to blame for Palestinian violence.

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Nearly every day, an angry, young Muslim Palestinian was stabbing or trying to run over someone with his car. “If you were Jewish, they probably would have killed you,” he said.

A lot of the violence was happening in Jerusalem, some of it just steps from where my wife and I had moved into an apartment of our own, and lived and worked and went grocery shopping. I wanted to shake them and say, “Stop occupying the West Bank, stop blockading Gaza, and Palestinians will stop killing you! I made it back from Silwan that day in one piece; others weren’t so lucky.

I felt horrible for having publicly glorified one of the murderers.

The man who’d been murdered, Richard Lakin, was originally from New England, like me, and had taught English to Israeli and Palestinian children at a school in Jerusalem.

In the interview, his family told me how he was a promising young entrepreneur who was pushed over the edge by the daily humiliations wrought by the occupation.

I ended up writing a very sympathetic story about the killer for a Jordanian news site called Al Bawaba News.I didn’t announce my pro-Palestinian views to them ‒ I was too afraid.But they must have sensed my antipathy (I later learned this is a sixth sense Israelis have).More than a year later, you can still see their faces plastered around East Jerusalem on posters hailing them as martyrs.(One of the attackers, Baha Aliyan, 22, was killed at the scene; the second, Bilal Ranem, 23, was captured alive.) Being personally affected by the conflict caused me to question how forgiving I’d been of Palestinian violence previously.As the “Stabbing Intifada” (as it later became known) kicked into full gear, I traveled to the impoverished East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan for a story I was writing. I found myself worrying that my wife might be stabbed while she was on her way home from work.As soon as I arrived, a Palestinian kid who was perhaps 13 years old pointed at me and shouted “Yehud! Immediately, a large group of his friends who’d been hanging out nearby were running toward me with a terrifying sparkle in their eyes. Every time my phone lit up with news of another attack, if I wasn’t in the same room with her, I immediately sent her a text to see if she was OK.IN THE summer of 2015, just three days after I moved to Israel for a year-and-a-half stint freelance reporting in the region, I wrote down my feelings about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.A friend of mine in New York had mentioned that it would be interesting to see if living in Israel would change the way I felt.My roommate promptly pulled out his laptop, called up a 2013 Pew Research poll and showed me the screen.I saw that Pew’s researchers had done a survey of thousands of people across the Muslim world, asking them if they supported suicide bombings against civilians in order to “defend Islam from its enemies.” The survey found that 62 percent of Palestinians believed such terrorist acts against civilians were justified in these circumstances.


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