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She believes that one should learn about their heart desires.…

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Is this Canadian inability related to domestic and/or international political factors?

Could Canada implement a different approach towards the UNPROFOR—one that could have prevented the atrocities and at the same time satisfied the international legal standards for intervention of the period?

Hence, in merely three years, the Canadian foreign policy shifted drastically: from being a staunch advocate of an armed intervention in 1991, Canada moved to a position of a country that wanted to extricate itself from the Yugoslavian crisis.

The inconsistency of Ottawa’s foreign policy compromised the Canadian ability to shape the decisions of the United Nations, which ultimately contributed to the failure on the part of Canada to improve the performance of UNPROFOR.

Some of the major powers then, such as France and Great Britain, which had been weakened by the consequences of the Second World War, were still in the stage of economic recovery.

This power vacuum allowed Canada, one of the few middle powers then, to leverage its considerable economic and diplomatic influence in order to resolve the conflict by peaceful means and in its own favour.

She oversees a specific group of girls named the Brodie set. In The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, Spark uses characterization to depict the powerful influence an individual can have over multiple individuals, whether it be morally right or wrong.

The characterization of Miss Jean Brodie impacts the plot of the novel substantially due to the fact she is a central character in the novel.

The Foreign Policy of Brian Mulroney “It may well be said that Brian Mulroney’s foreign policy has been the most radical in history in that it sought, as no other government in Canadian history had, to reshape the contours of international relations.” In mid-1991, the former Yugoslav republics of Slovenia and Croatia sought a greater autonomy from the Yugoslav federation.

This situation led to a military conflict between Serbia on the one hand and the two independence seeking republics on the other.[3] By the end of 1991, the conflict intensified, and Germany insisted on a recognition of Slovenia and Croatia as independent countries which facilitated the admittance of the two Yugoslav republics to the United Nations in May 1992.


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