Learning A New Language Essay

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And if you are just starting out, then you are forced to listen because you can’t speak the language!

We are nothing without the vital functions of our brain.

Learning a foreign language can prevent or delay the Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

Speaking more than one language provides the constant exercise for your brain, so keeping your brain active is a proven way to be healthy in an old age.

That means you’ll have to develop some special advantages to get a boost, help yourself stand out and make you better fit for survival in this crazy, modern world.

Here we present just a few of the many positive side effects of becoming bilingual (or multilingual).

You up your personal and professional value if you’re able to negotiate with manufacturers in another country or communicate with customers who don’t speak your native language.

Not to mention, your ability to speak a second language conveys that you’re motivated and driven to learn new skills, and this also gives you a competitive edge over those who haven’t yet become bilingual.

It boosts your divergent thinking skills, training you to think of various solutions to the problems on a regular basis.

That’s why multilingual people are more creative than monolingual individuals.


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