Literature Review On Motivation And Performance

Over time, it has been established that the main problem towards an effective motivation system is the ability for managers to examine and analyse the employee’s needs.

Furthermore, there exist some contradiction between employee’s identification of his/her need and the company’s identification of the employee’s needs.

• To identify the motivational factors that directly influences employee’s performance.

• To examine how effective these motivational factors are on employee’s performances.

• What are the impacts of the available motivational factors on employee’s performance?

1.3 Aim and Objectives The primary aim of this research is investigate the important factors that are essential in motivating employees, as well as examining the impact of motivation on employee’s performance.Therefore, managerial strategies and tactics must be broad based in order to address the motivation concerning individual employees (Guest, 1997).It is in light of this that the following research questions are formulated: • What are the factors that can motivate employees to improve their performance?Based on this, Frederick Herzberg famously said: “If you want people to do a good job, give them a good job to do.” Hence, it is vital for any organisation to constantly discover different ways to motivate employees so as to improve performance, productivity and quality, which will also reflects on the overall performance of the company and help maintain competitive advantage in the market.This is due, in part to the fact that what motivates employees’ changes continuously (Buford et al, 1995).Hence motivation is an effective instrument in inspiring the work force to achieve organisational goals.However, it is pertinent to understand that although employee may be greatly capable of performing some work, nothing can be achieved if they is not willing to work.This research is interested in investigating motivation in organisation.1.2 Statement of the Problem and Research Questions The Nigerian banking sector has grown from a few institutions who primarily were involved in deposit acceptance and trade finance into a complex multiplayer market where large number of financial institutions, commercial banks operate with diverse products and services.According to Mead and Andrew (2003), motivation can be seen as the foundation of management.It is the foremost task of every manager to create the zeal to work among employees and consequently motivate them.


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