Love And Compassion Essay

Compassionate love fully expressed is not just good intentions, but doing what is really good for the other.

This kind of discernment occurs continually in healthcare settings.

Compassionate love is not the same as romantic love, familial love, or affection, although it can accompany these other forms of love and blend with them.

The professional in a healthcare setting needs to avoid becoming too attached to the patient, and compassionate love allows for this.

Short-term distress may be necessary to serve the longer-term interests of a sick person.

Weighing the relative FIGURE 1 needs of others, including appropriate care for self, is also critical to good discernment leading to effective actions.

Compassionate love encourages fullness of life in the other.

By the early twenty-first century, compassionate love was also bolstered by scientific research and incorporated into a social science model.

It provides a sound concept to guide action benefiting those who are in need, in various situations.

Compassionate love is a valuable quality to bring to the care of those who are sick, and would be beneficial to include in treatment, care, and decision making.


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