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Macbeth, I'll rap death until my last breath, "Scotland!" More information Macbeth Unit Test Study Guide January 17 Exam will be between thirty and forty scan-tron multiple choice (40 points) Characters Be able to identify characters by either quotes or descriptions.He wants to see his daughter settled and married to a man he approves of More information Objectives S&L13 Develop and compare different interpretations of scenes or plays by Shakespeare or other dramatists S&L14 Convey action, character, atmosphere and tension when scripting and performing More information Macbeth Background Info Author Bio Full Name: William Shakespeare Date of Birth: 1564 Place of Birth: Stratford-upon-Avon, England Date of Death: 1616 Brief Life Story: Shakespeare s father was a glove-maker, More information Act 1, Scene 1 [The battlements 9 of the King s castle, Elsinore, Denmark. SCRIPTURE: Acts Dear Parents More information Act III, scene ii (Analysis) I Horatio Hamlet in Depth Horatio emerges as much as an important ally to Hamlet as Polonius is to Claudius (subplots mirror each other : Fortinbras to Norway, Hamlet to Claudius) More information Parenting Positively Coping with DEATH For children aged 6 to 12 This booklet will help you to understand more about death and the feelings we all have when someone we care about, like a parent, a brother More information ROMEO AND JULIET Study Questions As you read the play either at home or in class, try to answer the questions as best you can and plan to come to class seeking the answers you could not get on your own.

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2) Initially, why does Macbeth not want to fight Macduff? What More information Macbeth Study Guide Questions Act I and II Act I Scene i 1.

3) What does Macduff say to eliminate Macbeth s hope? When the witches planned on meeting next, they planned to meet with whom? Looking at the last two lines of scene 1, what is the theme expressed More information Macbeth by William Shakespeare witches also told Banquo that he would be the father of kings. Duncan More information Macbeth Study Guide Questions Act I 1.

3) What is Lady Macbeth s attitude toward Macbeth s dithering? 4) What is Lady Macbeth s plan for the murder of Duncan?

5) Find the reference to fair is foul in this scene.

5) What is Banquo s warning about the truth of the witches predictions? 7) What do we learn about Macbeth in lines What has he already considered? 1) In Duncan s lines beginning There s no art, what characteristics of Duncan s personality are revealed? Scene 5 Scene 6 Scene 7 ACT 2 3) Who is the heir to Duncan s throne?

4) What is Macbeth s reaction to finding out that Malcolm will be the next king?

5) Why does Macbeth refuse to return to Duncan s room? 3) How has Macbeth convinced the murders to kill Banquo? 1) What change do you notice in the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth? 2) To what incident does Lady Macbeth compare Macbeth s seeing of the ghost? How does this contrast with the way Macbeth was described earlier in the play? Scene 2 ACT 5 Scene 2 4) What is ironic about Macbeth s statement: And damned all those that trust them? 6) What change does Macbeth decide to make to his character? 2) Why does Malcolm pretend that he has so many terrible faults and that he would be a very bad king? Note Macduff s reaction as it will be compared to Macbeth s reaction in a similar situation later in the play. 3) Compare Macbeth s reaction to hearing of the death of his wife to Macduff s.

6) Compare the reactions of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth to the blood on their hands? 2) Lines 56 to 65 refer to which theme in the play? 4) Why do Donalbain and Malcolm decide to run away? 2) What problem is spoiling their happiness now that Macbeth is king? 1) What is ironic about Lady Macbeth s actions in this scene? 2) To what theme do the doctor s lines refer: Unnatural deeds/do breed unnatural troubles? 2) What theme is referred to in Angus lines: Now does he feel his title/hang loose about him, like a giant s robe/upon a dwarfish thief? 2) What part of this scene reminds us of Macbeth as he was before the murder? Scene 8 1) To what final hope is Macbeth clinging when he is forced to fight Macduff?

More information The Crucible Study Guide Answers Act I: 1. That he can More information Three Great Plays of Shakespeare Level 4 Retold by Karen Holmes Series Editors: Andy Hopkins and Jocelyn Potter Contents Introduction page Romeo and Juliet l Macbeth 24 King Lear 37 Activities 63 V Introduction More information Theme, Plot, and Conflict Purpose: Use this resource to learn about how theme, plot, and conflict are different from one another but yet work together in literature.

As the play begins, why has Reverend Parris sent for a doctor? When reading literature, the reader More information Name: Date: Macbeth Rap - Lyrics Summary of the Play Intro Allow myself to introduce myself: The name's Macbeth, during labor I induced myself.


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