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Go back through that initial outline and make sure you’ve hit all of your intended points.

It’s possible that you’ve left out an important piece of your argument that would both increase page count and make for a better essay.

You may upload documents in common formats, including .doc, .docx, or plain text.

If you create a new, blank document, then you may simply copy and paste your text into the editor window.

If you’re short on words, read through your source materials again to see if you’ve missed any valuable quotes.

You can also do a little more research to see if there are any other sources you can add to provide the reader with more evidence toward your argument.

This increases length while also making text more manageable for a reader.

But after going through the tips on this list, your paper should be adequate in length without you having to even consider spacing.

Your writing will be easier to read, and you’ll get closer to the minimum page requirement in the process.

This might sound like a silly tip, but when you read your paper out loud, you become increasingly aware of any grammatical or syntactical issues.


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