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(Note that pol I stands for DNA polymerase I, and pol III stands for DNA polymerase III.) Even before the structure of DNA was elucidated, Erwin Chargaff and his coworkers noticed a pattern in the base composition of nucleotides from different organisms: the number of adenine (A) bases roughly equaled the number of thymine (T) bases, and the number of cytosine (C) bases roughly equaled the number of guanine (G) bases.Further, each species they studied had a different balance of A/T and C/G bases.

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In bacteria, there is a single origin of replication on the circular chromosome, as shown in the image here.

Beginning at the origin of replication, the two parental strands (dark blue) separate, forming a replication bubble.

At each end of the replication bubble is a replication fork where the parental strands are unwound and new daughter strands (light blue) are synthesized.

Movement of the replication forks away from the origin expands the replication bubble until two identical chromosomes are ultimately produced.

We now know that these consistent ratios are due to complementary base pairing between A and T and between C and G in the DNA double helix, and interspecies differences are due to the unique sequences of bases along a DNA strand.

In this exercise, you will apply Chargaff’s rules to predict the composition of nucleotide bases in a genome.

In Chargaff’s experiments, DNA was extracted from the given organism, denatured, and hydrolyzed to break apart the individual nucleotides before analyzing them chemically.

These experiments provided approximate values for each type of nucleotide.

In the accompanying image, a nucleotide is indicated by the letter _____.

Which of these nitrogenous bases is found in DNA but not in RNA? In a nucleotide, the nitrogenous base is attached to the sugar’s _____ carbon and the phosphate group is attached to the sugar’s _____ carbon.


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