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Luckily, it is often true that a poorly written multiple choice tests makes the correct answer obvious since several of the answers will not be realistic.Over the next few weeks, I will add more tips specifically about this type of test. We are always posting new free lessons and adding more study guides, calculator guides, and problem packs.During the next 55-minute SAT Math section, you are allowed to use your calculator.

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Our team of tutors can help you develop strategies to solve these questions and others on your upcoming college entrance exams.

Students and faculty may find a great collection of multiple choice questions on math for sixth, seventh and eighth grade.

So your total raw Math score is simply the number of questions you got right out of 58, as there are 58 total questions (20 on No Calculator and 38 on Calculator).

This raw score is then converted into a final Math score on a scale of 200-800 through a process called equating.

The SAT Math sections are the 3rd and 4th sections on the SAT test.

During the first 25-minute SAT Math section, you are NOT allowed to use a calculator.

The Distractors The incorrect answer choices in multiple choice tests are called distractors.

In a well written test, these are found by purposely doing the most common errors that students do and then making that an answer choice.

Then you’ll be asked for some student-produced responses, more commonly known as “grid-ins.” Analyzing and fluently solving equations and systems of equations; creating expressions, equations, and inequalities to represent relationships between quantities and to solve problems; rearranging and interpreting formulas Pace Yourself!

The exam itself consists of smaller timed sections.


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