Meal Planning For Busy Moms

A new school schedule, after school activities, an unexpected interruption, and your meal plan is out the window.

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Life is full of curve balls, but we already know that.

Make a list of Plan B meals that you know you can whip up in a jiffy.

Perhaps you work from home, and the best time to cook is after the kids are at school but before you need to start working.

Prep or cook supper in the morning, if that’s the time you have.

Set aside 5 minutes a day to look at your (realistic) meal plan in order to make sure you pull the meat out of the freezer or soak the beans for tomorrow.

Set an alarm on your phone titled Check Meal Plan – and then check it.

Make extra of a base ingredient, like beans or ground meat, and save it for later. Click here for our best tips when making freezer meals with your instant pot.

A bean soup can then be ready in half an hour instead of preparing the beans for hours again. As you can see, meal planning can really help out with your hectic lifestyle, especially when you follow these six tips.

Plan second-day-is-better meals for dinners that make great lunches.

If you have to pack a lunch, invest into appropriate food containers, like a wide-mouth soup thermos. For example, roast beef one day and slice it into sandwiches the next.


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